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Ads4TR has been founded in 2015 to support companies in Turkey and MENA region through their international marketing and sales activities. Ads4TR has wide range of highly targeted and out-performing advertisement channels for real estate, retail-apparel, retail-consumer goods, FMCG, airline, car rental, hospitality, financial services, medical care industries.

Emobile and Mediap

Emobile and Mediap are parent company of Ads4TR and operating in advertisement and publishing industry in MENA Region. Mediap had been founded in 2003 and supporting companies regarding their national advertisement actions. E-mobile had been founded in 2013. E-mobile has become a provider of contents, products and services, considerably contributing to the businesses of its partners, by providing mobile marketing; loyalty services development and management; telemarketing; digital advertisement; online accountability; bulk telecom product sales; and also mobile application development and other services at the present time.

Why Ads4TR ?

Ads4TR is the first targeted marketing company operates in international destinations. Our strengths can be cited as below based on our client’s feedback and satisfaction surveys we performed: Ultimate customer satisfaction: Customer centricity is our main vision for the past, present and the future International experience: Our employees have international work experience in the countries we operate (e.g. Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Qatar, UAE etc..) Lower cost, higher impact:We deliver the most cost efficient output for your business Strong partnership: We have exclusive and strong partnerships with operators, mobile marketing agencies, digital media agencies Innovativeness: Some of our products are brand new and we have launched them for the first time.

Our Partners