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Ads4tr targeted advertising through targeted channels in Turkey and other countries in a way that allows you to reach to your potential customers.

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To reach a target audience on Facebook, we provide you more accurate. There are a few methods that: use of the competencies offered by us in Facebook (example: demographic data of mobile phone customers, which is in a particular language, etc.) Turkcell, Dogus customer systems or data specified through the operator the means to promote to your target audience abroad.


Google AdWords provides your business a targeted escalation in Word; it can also be scalability, cost effectiveness, and criteria alakalilik with the audience is highly effective. But the most important factor when deciding the appropriate key word for these ads, if they match with the group if a wrong word to your target audience, your advertising costs will be wasted. Google's display advertising campaigns for your products and we offer the most effective service. Google Display even more targeted ads for you as we are able to make, how? Local Google advertising with targeting capabilities and brands offered by us Or offered by us operators with competencies.. (example: to the mall, sitting on the Anatolian side of Istanbul, female, high income customers, such as..)


Today all over the world, increasingly common interest in the use of mobile phone SMS and changing audience habits compared to traditional marketing channels increases and can be measured, fast and economical, which is this SMS features are becoming quite attractive. Ads4TR target participants who fit your profile, domestic and abroad determines and sends SMS messages directly to reaching the target. In several studies, the reading rate of 98 per cent of the SMS message whilst social networks and e-mail submissions in this percentage illustrates that 60 per cent. In 90 seconds and the first answered SMS are read within 3 minutes, the firms continues to be one of the important communication channels preferred. With SMS you can convey your message to millions of people at the same time and you can do it economically.


Mail Advertising, all the advertising options considering the most suitable cost. With an email marketing campaign most a lot of people in affordable way by reaching out in a short time, your product, your company or promote your website you can make it. In the process of sending bulk mail, this seems like a job everyone can do though, both time and technical a job that requires information infrastructure. Mail advertising ( e-mail ) the most important issue in the process, your ad to reach the target audience. E-mails sent reaches your target audience if your ad was a success mail it means that. The sectors which we have as Ads4TR, gender, separated by age groups and provinces where mail groups for we are sending the mail to the most appropriate audience for you. Your company will introduce the best way to advertise your product or what we're doing.

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Our team of experts design a website that contains the best design for your project and a form with the help of the person information it seeks to provide. Large companies above average when considering the advertising model it uses Facebook and like Google, notify you when your ad is interacted with instead of throwing, just after clicking on the AD then it points to your web page, and you filled out a form seeking information contacts that would be interested in the project reports. Thus, randomly selected if you don't pay for ads.