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Digital Media Solutions

Advantages of Facebook Advertising with Ads4TR

Facebook allows you to really refine the audience you are targeting with your advertising if you have a certain customer list (either phone number or email list). Ads4TR has strong partnerships and targeted marketing experience in Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, UAE and Bahrain via Facebook. We can identify valuable customers in these countries and then you can target them via Facebook custom audience advertisements. How do we know these customers?There are many data sources we use, but one of them is our partnerships with telecom operators hence we can leverage on their database. For example, we can get customers who had visited countries like England and USA from Saudi Arabia or UAE, Qatar. Then, we can target them with our programatic solution. Customers who are in certain locations or with certain demopgraphics can also be targeted. Website visits, handset model, customer's wealth, visited countries, duration of visit are several criteria set , we can leverage. We can identify those customers in various operators in the region. Besides ETR numbers, we can directly target valuable customers in related markets through our partners. For example, we can upload a list of valuable subscribers living in Saudi Arabia and present your Facebook ads. to these customers.

Advantages of Google Advertising with Ads4TR

Google Adwords enable your business with targeted advertisement and also they are highly effective because of measurability , cost effectiveness and relevance to audience. However, if you target foreign customers then you need to predict keywords for their search and understand their needs and behavior. Ads4TR has local marketing experience in these markets and hence we can help you to customize your advertisement inline with their needs. Our local experts can manage your Google Ads. with their local experience considering local customer needs and search/purchase behavior.

Advantages of Banners

By using our banners, you can advertise your properties in websites where people buy and sell properties or where premium customers visit on daily basis. Based on your industry and value proposition of your product, we can propose you the best-suit website banner portfolio.

Advantages of SMS/E-mailling Advertising with Ads4TR

Mail Advertising, all the advertising options considering the most suitable cost. Mail and SMS Advertising with the most cost-effective way by reaching out in a lot of people in a short time, your product, your company or promote your website you can make it. In the process of sending bulk mail, this seems like a job everyone can do though, both time and also a job that requires technical information infrastructure. Mail advertising ( e-mail ) is the most important in the process point your ad to reach your target audience. E-mails sent if it reaches your target audience, your ad mail means that was achieved. The sectors which we have as Ads4TR, gender, age groups and provinces according to we are dedicated to sending mail to mail groups containing the most appropriate audience for you. Your company or your product to introduce you the best advertising we are doing.