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Mobile Solutions

Advantages of Mobile Solutions

Today, the bulk SMS that stands out as the most common mobile marketing tool has the ability to be sent to almost any mobile device. The target that you specify is a medium that can promote to the massacre, the want and the transportation guarantee. With Ads4TR, Middle East and Azerbaijan's business partners, it helps you determine the target audience in the most accurate way and reach the most efficient way.

Advantage of SMS

Basically a short message (SMS) instead of sending one by one, to thousands of people at the same time is more economical and based on the principle that the circumstances be sent in. Bulk SMS to announce a new campaign to your customers , or celebrate holidays and special days many of your employees most effectively to meet communication needs, such as making an emergency meeting announcement, most easy and the most economical way. Bulk SMS to user, user needs and depending on use, many advantages it provides.

Advantage of MMS

To send a message to mobile phones bulk MMS service companies enabling a visual and audible it is the service. The sender of the message they sent on the part of firms, companies or brands name can write. That way, the company provides supporting the brand image of their impact. Especially for marketing purposes the effect is much stronger in sound and picture that you can add to your announcement. Who wouldn't leave us now thanks to mobile phones, everywhere and always, you can reach your customer. To determine if you want to send your messages immediately or at a later date you can send. Very quickly you can reach a large number of customers.

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