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One-to-one Marketing Channels

As Ads4TR we have more than 10 various channels to reach right customers for your business. Mostly used channels can be listed as below: Mobile marketing channels: Targeted SMS, location based SMS, targeted MMS, Automated computer calls (IVR calls) Online channels: Targeted Email to potential customers (either to international destinations and email databases of hotel chains) and customized whatsup messaging Social media messages: Customized messages via popular social media page owners Off-line Channels: We can publish your advertisement in Magazines of well-known hotel chains.

Why One-to-One?

In today’s world, consumers are being bombarded with different messages during their daily life. Hence your advertisement can not be read by the potential customers, if you haven’t customize it based on that specific consumer’s needs. For example, highlighting home office feature of a property project for a father while it is very relevant for a business man looking for a convenient home office location in Istanbul. Its one of the big opportunities of digital, that once someone is interacting with you on your website or in social media, or email, you can deliver those really personalized, targeted messages. Additionally, you can interact with your potential customer via customized messages. For example, instead of sending a promotion SMS to all customers with a website link, you can embed your call center number to this SMS for the customers who don’t use mobile data. Practiced correctly, one-to-one marketing can increase the value of your advertisements. The idea is simple: one-to-one marketing (also called relationship marketing or customer-relationship management) means being willing and able to change your behavior toward an individual customer based on what you know about that customer. Instead of spending ten thousands Turkish Lira, you can generate same amount of leads with less amount of budget.

Identifying Your Potential Customers

To launch a one-to-one initiative, your company must be able to locate and contact a fair number of its customers directly, or at least a substantial portion of its most valuable customers. It’s critical to know customers in as much detail as possible: not just their names and their phone number. Ads4TR can help you to identify your customers and target other customers who have tendency to buy your product. Our digital advertising channels include critical profiling information like customer value, location and their historical travels. For example, we can identify Azeri/ Saudi Arabian people who had previously visited Turkey. On top of this, we can communicate your product when foreigner customers arrived in Turkey.