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Landing Page

Landing Page is designed specifically for a specific target audience or product, especially digital marketing              is the name given to the page created to be used in its activities and to increase the digital conversion.              Landing Pageler's main aim is to take an action on visitors; a form filling, a list              recycling actions such as signing up, downloading a document, watching a video, and making a purchase              It must be found.

Ads4tr and Web design

Ads4tr is different in web design, landing page design for all sectors, mainly in real estate              languages in              eg: landing page design processes in languages such as Arabic, Azerbaijani, English, Russian              We can perform.

What we did?

Real estate

You are a Real Estate company; you are offering the best product in terms of quality, design and comfort,              if your sales prices go parallel to that, but you have more ads to sell progeny than normal              Although you are using the budget, can not you reach satisfactory interaction with the sufficient number of leads?

Does your Web site (Landing Page) direct enough people to meet the requirements?

Successful Landing Page Features

One of the most important parts of a successful campaign is to empathize with your visitors. On site              how your visitor might think, what you might want to face, and              the content should be prepared.

You need to plan the actions necessary for recycling from your page,              it is necessary to present it in a way.

Researching whether the page to be created is attractive for your trip,              arrangements should be made. Differences must be created by examining the ratios.

Landing pages should have as simple content as possible and be specific. Go back right from goal ad              because the conversion is to receive, the visitor should be directed towards the visitor, private messages for the visitor              It should contain.              Design should be avoided with fast loading and unnecessary content.

Ads4TR organizes ad campaigns for you with the AdWords, banner and landing page service you create. It              get the best return from ads, and manage your ad-conversion costs at optimal levels.