Privacy Policy

Out of commitment to secure our customers’ data and information privacy on the internet, we in Ads4tr advertising agency did develop a set of items would explain our policy to maintain our customers’ privacy and the way we deal with their personal data.
We in use information and data our customers provide by their own volition; data provided by its owner. We in do not collect personal data of our customers who surf our website; we only keep the data they give.
It is well known that by visiting any website, website is included, the host server logs the Internet Protocol address /IP/ of the visitor device along with the date and time of entrance, as well as the browser type, and the address of the external referring site.
All websites, including website, contain external links to other sites. We in are not responsible for the privacy policy and the content of other sites. However, we recommend our dear customers to read the privacy policies of those sites before surfing.
We are committed, all the time, to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of all the personal data and information our customers provided. Unless it is required by a law or a new legislation, or when we believe (with no bad faith) that such action will be required or desirable by the law, or to defend our customers, or to protect the private ownership rights of Net property.
In case of need any of our consumers’ data that may help us to contact them to meet their requests, we shall contact them directly for that. Provided data shall never be disclosed to any third party for the purpose of marketing for his own benefit unless we obtain the customer’s prior written consent. We could ask for data to be used for statistical research purposes of These data would not contain anything to identify the customer.
Moreover, provided data shall be used in answering customers’ questions, comments, and requests by website team or any of its websites teams.
We will not sell, barter, rent, or disclose any information to any other party outside this website, or its websites. We will disclose information only in the case of an order to do so by a legal or regulatory authority. preserves the right to amend, if necessary or when appropriate, the terms and conditions of information privacy policy and confidentiality.
Our customers shall always be notified what data we have obtained, how it shall be used, and who shall receive this data.
When needed or necessary, we are pleased to receive customers’ calls on the numbers can be found in Contact Us tab or to receive emails on
Customers’ caution and fears regarding the confidentiality and privacy of their data is very important to us, and we hope we have maintained it through this clear and explicit policy.

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